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Multi Decks

The innovative approach to the construction of multidecks enabled the creation of a design that allows the user to freely change the selected variant of the device, without the necessity of a complete disassembly. The profile designed specifically for this purpose allows for the installation of blinds or the selected door system – sliding or hinged – depending on the needs of the individual customer. Thanks to this solution, it is possible to change the variant of the device, even at the premises of the final customer, without the necessity of changing the base structure of the rack (after the delivery of the set of parts mounted on the profile).

Open cooling merchandisers (display coolers) are used mainly for displaying and storage of food products. Our cooling merchandisers are designed to the latest standards and trends in functional design, using the cutting-edge technologies.

Details + dimentions

  • Specifications
    MDC 6R DL
  • Length [Inch]
  • Depth [Inch]
  • Height [Inch]
  • Refrigerant
    R134A / R404A
  • Evaporating temperature [°C]
  • Cooling power demand [BTU/h]
  • Rated voltage [V]
  • Rated power of lighting [W]
  • Rated power [W] [HP]
    1500W, [2HP]
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